The Control You Want
     The Access You Need
  • Cost-Effective, Secure, Convenient
  • Four Hour Delivery Service
  • Professionally Trained Staff
  • Record Destruction Schedule
  • Disaster Protection
  • Assured Privacy
  • Bar Coding

  • Services
    Cost-effective, Secure, Convenient

    Records Storage Center is the document management company that offers you a cost-effective, secure, convenient method of storage for all your files. Whether you require frequent or infrequent access to your records, Records Storage Center will accommodate your needs.

    Four-Hour Delivery Service

    Need your records in a hurry? In most cases, Records Storage Center can deliver your records right to your door within four hours of your call. That’s fast and something that most document management companies can’t do.

    We help companies by keeping their hard copy records safe and secure, thereby making it easier to address corporate responsibility for information security. Working with us, our customers benefit from a more disciplined approach to off-site records storage. We are the specialists that give companies the freedom to be more productive.

    • Four hour retrieval
    • Safe and secure storage facilities
    • Trained and friendly couriers
    • Sophisticated bar code based inventory control
    • Retention scheduling

    Freedom to be Productive

    Records Storage Center relieves companies from the burden of document storage, while providing fast & secure records pickup and timely delivery options. Best of all, our customers do not have to reorganize their records or change the way they do business. Records Storage Center adapts to, and enhances existing records storage and management systems.

    Did You Know?

  • It costs your company up to $1,400 per year to own and operate just one simple 4-drawer file cabinet. About 70% of this cost can be attributed to labor.
  • When you allow room for aisles and pulling drawers, that same file cabinet may take up to 11 square feet of your valuable office space.
  • The Equipment Manufactures Association estimates that only 5-15% of files in active storage are accessed each year.

  • Save space, gain security, cut costs and add convenience with Records Storage Center records and electronic documents management company. Call us today for a free evaluation, cost estimate or for more information.